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What's Hot in Western Wear?

While you're living it up this season outdoors, boot scootin', or on a road trip, why not look the part? The latest fashion trends have arrived, and one of them is western wear for women. If you're wondering how to incorporate this fresh look into your wardrobe and make it your own, we are here to help! We’ll be listing the latest in women’s western wear.

On the Fringe

Since we are talking about women’s western wear, fringe is still going strong from last year. This edgy detail borrowed from the Sixties gives a bit of boho flavor to clothes and accessories. Always at home on traditional western wear for women, fringe has become a natural detail in mainstream fashion as well. Look for fringe on jackets, tops, vests, ponchos, skirts and even belts.

Bright Colors and Updated Shapes

This season, expect your favorite western clothing stores to stock up on colorful pieces in unique silhouettes. Every color under the rainbow is a fashion "do" this year from pastel pinks and greens to vivid primary shades – even better when mixed together. Interesting hemlines make a statement (especially if they include fringe) for a long, loose, bohemian vibe.

Romantic Ruffles

Another hot women's western wear detail you need in your closet is the feminine, flirty ruffle. And you can find them on everything from tops to bottoms! These fun frills turn up the romance and look refreshingly new for your updated wardrobe.

Dolled Up Boots

Cowboy boots are a staple for women’s western wear. A lot of boot designs offer style and comfort—and just when you thought they couldn’t get any cooler, designers decided to up the ante. This season has taken the common pair of cowboy boots and upgraded them with fresh patterns and embroidery. You can now rock your bedazzled or patterned boots with a cute summer mini or even a pair of lace shorts!

Silhouettes and details traditionally exclusive to western wear for women have now become mainstream fashion for country and city girls alike. You can look cute and western chic with the addition of just a few of these hot trends.

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