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A cowgirl fashion favorite, Old Gringo women's boots are superb in their artistry. Carefully made of high quality leather, Old Gringo is the right choice for truly unique cowgirl boots. These gorgeous women's boots are available in a broad selection of styles, from ankle boots to 18 inch high riding boots.

Fashionable, Unique Cowgirl Boots

Old Gringo makes a wide variety of cowgirl boots, all gorgeously embellished. Some, like the Olivia, Sora, and Flora feature intricate, vibrantly colored floral embroidery. Others, such as the San Saba II, Clarise and Feita feature lovely, swirling designs. There are boots with ornate embroidered crosses, distressed brass embellishments and more.

Stylish Riding Boots and Trendy Ankle Boots

The Old Gringo women's boots line also includes riding boots. A bit taller than cowgirl boots at about 18 inches tall, with a half zipper for on and off ease, these boots are as practical as they are pretty. Old Gringo makes trendy ankle boots too, such as the silver-studded Clovis.

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