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Established in 1946, Rockmount Ranchwear is the definitive western fashion icon in many ways. Did you know this family-owned and operated company was the first to sell the snap closing shirt? The trailblazing Rockmount Ranchwear company created the now classic foundation of cowboy attire, the fitted, snap close, saw-tooth pocket western shirt. They've also been touted as a favorite of rock 'n roll bands! Today, the company offers a full range of classic western wear and cowboy clothing.

Shadow Plaids

The plaid shirts that make up this new collection of year-round wear is 100% cotton, custom designed by Rockmount Ranchwear. Made in the classic style, these shirts feature diamond-shaped snaps, saw-tooth pockets and double needle stitching for durability. They are western shirts you can depend on, designed to last while retaining their classic good looks.

A Choice of Fits

Vintage Rockmount Ranchwear shirts were designed to be more form fitting, highlighting a working cowboy's broad shoulders and reducing the chance of getting caught on horns, fencing or branches. Today, Rockmount Ranchwear also makes cowboy attire with a relaxed fit. These classic western wear shirts feature a more modern line for comfort.  

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