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Forever West Revamps Website

Houston, Texas, April 12, 2016: FM Stelzig is pleased to announce they have revamped the official website for their business, Forever West. An online store dedicated to the sale of western clothing, Forever West has been in business since 1870 and has grown into the success it is today. The updated website blends sleek, contemporary aesthetics with an old-time western feel through its use of color and a banner depicting a rich western landscape. The site is meant to serve as the best possible source of information about Forever West’s products and any other information a prospective customer may need about the company. The website revamp comes after Stelzig’s decision to update the store’s brand by blending modern aesthetics with western wear.

The product catalog is the most extensive part of the website, and is neatly organized by gender, category and item type. Each category is further divided into subcategories for easier browsing. Customers can also search by brand, of which Forever West has a wide variety in their offerings. On each product page, customers can find professional photos of their chosen item from vintage western wear to chic, cutting edge fashions. Content also includes pricing information, a description and similar products that may capture their interest. Customers also have multiple currency options, from US and Canadian dollars to euros.

Stelzig said, “I believe the site’s new look perfectly reflects the image and brand we want for Forever West. It has been my goal to update Forever West by blending western and contemporary aesthetics." The new website does all of this and more, appealing well to both new and returning customers.

Anyone interested in learning more about Forever West’s products can email, call 281-236-8442 or visit the updated website.

About Forever West: Based in Houston, TX, Forever West first launched in the year 1870 and its success continues into 2016. It is family-owned and managed and, as such, has never lost sight of its original goals—spreading love and the appeal of western fashion to a broader audience.

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